Anco Dental Lab is a full service dental lab that provides assistance to dentist in the areas of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. They work directly with dentists by following detailed written instructions and using impressions (molds) of the patient's teeth or oral soft tissue to create:

  • Full dentures for patients who are missing all of their teeth
  • Removable partial dentures or fixed bridges for patients who are missing only one or a few teeth
  • Crowns, which are caps for teeth that are designed to restore their original size and shape
  • Veneers that enhance the aesthetics and function of the patient
  • Orthodontic appliances and splints to help straighten and protect teeth

Dental technicians work with a variety of materials including waxes, plastics, precious and non-precious alloys, stainless steel, a variety of porcelains and composites or polymer glass combinations. Many technicians acquire skill in the use of sophisticated instruments and equipment while performing laboratory procedures. It is important for the technician to help create tooth replacements that are both attractive and functional.