“Do you do rush cases?”


If there is something you need done faster, please give us a call so that we can pre-schedule your rush. Rush fees may apply.


“What must we send with our case?”


We require a signed laboratory procedure authorization form. If you need these, we can supply them to you. Every case needs the impression of the prepared tooth/teeth, an opposing model, and a bite registration. For larger cases and anterior work, a study model of the patient’s accepted temporaries would help us better serve you.


“How should we send photographs?”


Simply attach your photos to an email. Make sure the photos are clear and of high enough quality.


“Our patient is bleaching. When should we take the shade?”


It would be best to let the teeth’s shade “settle” for approximately 2 weeks prior to taking the final shade.


“Do you provide in-person consultations for our patients?”


If you would like, schedule a consultation for your patient with our laboratory technician so that we can take the patient’s shade, discuss material choices, and note any anomalies/abnormalities in the patient’s dentition and occlusion.